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Review of Copper Square Pan – Buyers Guide

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Review of Copper Square Pan

The red copper square pan features the latest technology thus permeating the cooking without oil. When using the pan, you won’t have to worry about food sticking to its surface; since it employs the nonstick cooking surface

Design and Construction

The material used in the making of the pan consists of premium quality copper, ceramic, and aluminum. The two metals, aluminum, and copper have specially chosen due to their superiority in heat conductivity.  That explains why the bottom is of aluminum

On the other hand, the ceramic material is to ensure that food does not stick to the pan during cooking. Also, the ceramic coating doesn’t peel off to mix with your food thus safe enough.

The Square Shape

The kitchen tool features a deep and square shape. That’s to ensure that the capacity of the utensil is increased. Thus with the square size of 2.9 by 9.6 by 17.1 inches, it provides sufficient space for cooking food fit for a large family.

Alternative Uses

The square copper pan is a single unit with intricate construction to play several roles. For instance, it fits different methods of cooking like baking pan, fryer, deep fryer and even works as a skillet. With the provided fry basket and steamer tray, deep frying chicken and making lighter dishes is easy. The higher sides have the essential duty of preventing splattering.  Worried about oven roasting, the red copper square pan does that since it allows up to the temperature of 800oF.

Even Heating

Since the materials used on the pan are good conductors, the pan responds very fast to heat. Moreover, with the induction plate, the heating effect is achieved evenly. The pan allows the cooking on various heat sources; compatible with electric, gas and even induction stoves.

Takes one’s Safety into Account

Unlike the usual cook utensils that depend on harmful chemicals like PFOA and PTFE, to form the nonstick layer, the red copper square pan, depends on no such chemicals. Wit the riveted handles having the length of 7.5 inches; handling of the pan even while hot doesn’t endanger anyone.

Easy to Use Controls

For convenience, the pan has preset temperature levels. Hence the cook has merely to choose a level according to the food to be prepared. To further makes the cooing a simple task there is the timer and the automatic off function.

Added Accessories

The red copper chef comes complete other accessories like copper chef knives. The knives benefit from the nonstick ceramic technology. With a comfortable grip, cutting through fruits, onions or slices of bread is never with hesitancy.


  • It’s easy to clean
  • Supports even heating of food
  • Has an attractive appearance


  • Costly
  • Traces of copper taste have been reported in the food
  • The nonstick functionality isn’t permanent; wears out eventually


The red copper pan simplifies the cooking process. Since it assumes many roles, it saves space and thus fits a small kitchen. The nonstick feature is admirable. Finally, did you know the pan can be cleaned in a dishwasher?

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